Police Truck Gangster Chase
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  •         Zing Mine Games Craft brings a new adventure in your life as a cop, Police Truck Gangster Chase will give you a chance to perform your duties as a police squad ...


Police Truck Gangster Chase

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Zing Mine Games Craft brings a new [详情]

Zing Mine Games Craft brings a new adventure in your life as a cop, Police Truck Gangster Chase will give you a chance to perform your duties as a police squad member. Some criminals have escaped from the jail and you have to bring them back. This is a complete jail break mission which you have to foil by performing your duties. You have to chase them in your police car and can shoot if this case happens. This is a complete gang of thief and criminals and to save city from their wrath, you have to eradicate them as a good police officer. You have modern GPRS system in your car from where you can trace them easily. You have to hit their car multiple times to get it exploded. You will can enjoy all driving, action and simulation in this one game. Your duty do not end just capturing that gangsters rather you have to transfer them to police station in your custody. This is not an easy job to perform and you have to play with multiple dangers while performing these duties. But, as a good police officer you have to do this with extreme care and responsibility. You are main source of police to solve this criminal case. You have to race through narrow streets of city while this wild crime chase. This is a blend of police crime games and police truck games. You can take this as a police vs thief game. You have to hit and smash criminals’ car with your truck. Experience the best collective package of police car games and in car racing games with an amazing car driving simulator. While racing with criminals you have to very careful and try not to collide with other hurdles and buildings. This will decrease your life. In this beautiful city environment you can earn money from successful chase and from that amount you can unlock other cars and trucks. The driving is super realistic, cars have a great sense of weight and momentum on them makes do drifts in this police car drifting 3D game. So, what you are waiting for? Download this free game in your smart phones and start playing this action packed simulation game. Key Features: • Thrill of driving, chasing and arresting the criminals • Multiple police cars and trucks • Smooth vehicle controls • Realistic police siren sounds and HD graphics • Realistic city traffic physics and car damage system • 10 challenging levels Enjoy this amazing racing and parking game and give us your valuable feedback at zinggamezz@tribechsol.com .


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