Police Car Shooting - Highway Car Chase, Cops Game
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  •         Police car shooting game is the best highway running car chase by cops crime control control simulator game. Car chase drive is the extreme police shooting race...


Police Car Shooting - Highway Car Chase, Cops Game

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Police car shooting game is the bes [详情]

Police car shooting game is the best highway running car chase by cops crime control control simulator game. Car chase drive is the extreme police shooting race best chasing game with full of chasing action game between rush traffic highway roads. Cops chasuje the criminals shooting cars or gangster in the car chasing games to kept the terrorist mafia on their chasing car. Police solider equipped with latest guns in the police chasing games to face the critical chase situations and shooting the robbers in the police game racing car. During the chase games mission a policeman drive heavy police on duty car rampage at high speed like chase car racing and make sharp chasing & shooting turns on city roads and mountain off-road. Play the police chase game shoot the gangster car in a rush city and lead as the top rated police squad with race and shoot. The gangster equipped with latest weapons and attack car shoot with modern shooting weapons car and destroy modern police prado car with highly effected machine gun fire and they want chase freedom to leave the police back during police racer to chase the robbers. The city traffic crime mafia are on the public places and disturbing the innocent citizens, threats them and break the rule of the traffic and peace in the city. Play free police game & police officer duty is to maintain the peace and crack down against terrorist and implement the law in this big fight free 3d game. Cop chase road criminal and arrest them before they getaway. This is the best driver simulation game with crazy criminals from the crime scene. You got police car driving training cops chasing to shoot the criminals car on city roads and keep survive yourself. Police Car Shooting - Highway Car Chase, Cops Game In car shooter police racing game you enjoy the high speed chase 3d thief police battle experiment of both action shooting and car fighting games guns on car. Play police races game and improve your guns on cars shooting bullet skills or driving skills and become a real action hero in highway driving games. On the impossible track of highway police patrol show their amazing crazy race police speed stunts on the road of warrior. Park the police car battle in specific area and keep the eyes on the terrorist mission plan activity. Rush like a crazy ride on the highway track and arrest criminals of police crime simulator. This chasing game is great chance for the show casing the parking and driving skills. Become the stunt freak and tear up the traffic sequence with the adventure and the heroics on the road. Reach lightning speed and achieve best adventure driver feat in the game. Show the criminals that there is a brave officer you duty is to stop the crime so get yourself ready as a super cop and show the criminals what you have gained in police games. During chasing mission, drive a police car at high speed and make sharp turns on city roads. Most wanted mafia gangsters and city robbers will try to outrun from your police car. Go fast as you can and hit the criminals. Take the advantage of endless busy road and shoot out the gangster’s car. Keep in limit and be aware with high-speed car, bus, bike and truck traffic to hit them on the road. Enjoy real fun and adventure game. You will surely get addicted to this insane car racer game. Police Car Shooting - Highway Car Chase, Cops Game Features:- - Real sound effects of police car siren. - Realistic city environment. - Free racing game with real time police high speed chase. - Highly detailed traffic system like bus, truck and car. - Realistic car driving game physics. - Free game available on play store.


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