Flying Car Rescue Simulator 3D
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  •         Play flying car rescue simulator as a genius billionaire who is super car enthusiast. A chance to become city savior with futuristic cars with wings for flying,...


Flying Car Rescue Simulator 3D

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Play flying car rescue simulator as [详情]

Play flying car rescue simulator as a genius billionaire who is super car enthusiast. A chance to become city savior with futuristic cars with wings for flying, save the under attack city where rescue helicopters are being destroyed by the crash landings. There is no wrong landing with flying car. Speed up and spread the flying car wings to start the flight. Cross the minimum speed for flying and press the flight mode button. Perfect elevation like professional pilot in cockpit is required by city rescue savior. Don’t forget to fill the fuel tank in this Immensely pressurized situation, keep the fuel bar full. Follow the marked path to conserve fuel & prolong flying car distance traveled in one go. Like airplane simulation, flying car rescue simulator have joystick to control in air. Use air brake for descending before landing on airport runway. Adaptive flexible wings on flying car make the trajectory amazing. Land with flying car well balanced to avoid inertia from destroying it. Propel in air for maximum airspeed. Use joystick & interior camera view for better control of flying car. Rescue missions get harder with progress in the flying car game, earthquake scenarios make the flying car impossible to handle. Only best of pilots will control trajectory through falling multistory parking towers. Explosions and destruction is spread widely through out the city. Turn on the scanners and sensors of the car and spot the people who needs rescue. Evacuate them in flying car one by one to safe military base off shore and in the deep sea areas. Reach military bases on remote islands to save the dying civilians. Thrill of immense flying car sim rushes the adrenaline in you, car flights in the flying car rescue simulator require the skills of professional airplane pilots. Car flying through city under radioactive attacks and nuclear explosions, save the last of the city from the radiations and become the master savior of the city. Flying Car Rescue Simulator 3D has a lot of special features. • You can Unlock different fuel levels for safe flying • Clear rescue missions for point, unlock new super cars eventually with the points. • Massive open world futuristic world environment • Drive on road with efficient controls, take realistic flying car flight with great handling • Physics of realistic plane, futuristic car is great rescue vehicle in emergencies. • Use the highways besides the nearest airports for landing and taking flights with flying cars. • Go to extreme speeds on runway for perfect elevations and passing through all check boxes in air. • Super charged nitro boosts are best for high performance cars. • Aid the other rescue team with fastest transportation of injured and affected to the hospitals. Flying Car Rescue Simulator 3D is free to get on the Google Play Store. Get your free game right now and start flying cars right now, get a feel of the future in this simulation right now.


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