Fashion City 2
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  •         Have you ever dreamed or running your own fashion store? Come to Fashion City 2 and make your dreams come true! You are in charge of a small store in the city...


Fashion City 2

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Have you ever dreamed or running yo [详情]

Have you ever dreamed or running your own fashion store? Come to Fashion City 2 and make your dreams come true! You are in charge of a small store in the city and it’s your job to turn it into a stylish boutique where all the trends are made! Set fashion trends and go from zero to fashion hero! MANAGE AND DECORATE YOUR OWN FASHION STORE Will your store be retro or modern? Minimalist or creatively cluttered? It’s all in your hands! Decorate your store to be just as stylish as the clothes you’re selling so that your customers know they’re shopping in the trendiest place in town. DESIGN OUTFITS From lavish, glamorous dresses, leather jackets, to trendy shirts and shoes, hundreds of outfits lie at your fingertips. Collect design materials to create the perfect piece that your customers will love! DECIDE WHAT’S IN The world of fashion is ever-changing. Make sure you’re always one step ahead of the rest. You set the trends, you decide the season’s hits and misses by the type of clothes you pick to show in your store. UNLOCK SHOPS Fashion City 2 is full of shops stocking materials that will help you on your road to couture celebrity. Unlock shops to discover various and exciting fabrics and materials, colours, prints and patterns, and even jewellery. Combine these in creative ways to offer the most upmarket products in your store. DESIGN FOR CELEBRITIES Your business doesn’t only happen at your store. Phone and web shop orders will come in every day: fill them to earn some extra cash and boost your popularity! Assign your best designers to create clothes for VIPs and boost them with creativity points so you can impress your most famous clients! WORK WITH DESIGNERS Are your clothes flying off the racks faster than you can make them? No problem! Speed up production with the help of professional designers! Use their skilled hands to increase Design Studio production. SOCIALISE, CONNECT, INTERACT Meet new people and visit their shops. Connect with your friends, invite them to your shop and show them why you're the best designer in Fashion City! Get on the highway to high fashion and start your career in Fashion City now! Create clothes and accessories that will make you the talk of the town. Redefine fashion and enter Fashion City now!

开发者:Nanobit Games

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