Exoplanets Online
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  •         *Note: Created by one person, available in English only.* The year is 3035. Climate change has been dealt with. Mars has been colonized. Faster than light t...


Exoplanets Online

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*Note: Created by one person, avail [详情]

*Note: Created by one person, available in English only.* The year is 3035. Climate change has been dealt with. Mars has been colonized. Faster than light travel is in it's infancy. After progressing peacefully for hundreds of years, humanity is on the verge of reaching for the stars. However, unbeknownst to them another species is already way ahead of them. Without warning a large armada of extraterrestrial ships drops out of hyperspace above Earth. Nations frantically decide whether to light them up or hold their fire. After a tense standoff contact between the two races is finally made. Both side appear peaceful, offering gifts to one another. The visitors seem harmless, so humanity lowers its guard. The peace is broken suddenly when an even larger fleet drops out over Earth with several blinding flashes of light. A wave of darkness envelopes the planet as several massive electromagnetic pulses disable Earth's power grid. Humanity decides that war has just been declared and aims what's left of it's planetary defenses at the foreign armada. The warheads hit their marks and wreak havoc on the alien fleet. The night sky is lit up in a kaleidoscope of detonating nukes and shrapnel raining back down to earth. Shortly after being hit by the first wave of the barrage the alien fleet lights up with energy shields, rendering everything humanity can throw at them ineffective. By the time the invaders fire their first shot, world leaders know all is lost. In a last ditch effort to ensure humanity lives on, ships equipped with faster than light drives are loaded with as many people as they can fit and set a course for any exoplanet that may be habitable. Gameplay - With Earth lost to alien invaders, you'll need to take on the role of a Corporation that owns one of the FTL capable ships that escapes our solar system. * Colonize an alien world and build up an economy in a persistent online universe shared by all players. * Harvest resources from your planets to build and upgrade Ships, Weapons, and Support modules. * Create Colony Ships and expand humanities reach to even more planets and moons. * Compete or trade with other players for resources, ships, and planets. * Form fleets of up to 12 ships and take the battle to the aliens that took your home. * Fight in 1v1 fleet battles with up to 24 ships per battle against NPCs and other players. * Form alliances with other players and work together. * Join forces with your allies to strike the Alien Home world. Fleet Battles - Ships automatically fire at targets with most weapons. Some ships come with unique abilities such as Nukes, EMPs or Instant Repair which can be used on demand, making fleet composition and strategy important. Price, Ads and Micro-transactions - * All content will be available to all users without paying a cent. Forever. * Optional ads only. * Uses the least invasive micro transaction system I can think of. Micro-transactions can buy one thing: Time Crystals. Time Crystals can be used to skip building and repair timers, painting ships, or re-rolling resources on a planet slot. Time crystals can also be obtained as in-game loot, or from a rewarded video ad. Build Timers are never crazy long forcing you to buy time crystals either, up to 1 hour for the best ships. Continued Development - I come from a PC background, and I have strived to not just create another copy-pasted 2D mobile game where you pay to win. My goal isn't to make a Sci-fi "clash of" game, my goal is to make a mobile game with the intricacies of a PC game. It'll probably take awhile to get EO to where I want it, but I see lots of potential in the project and plan on seeing it through. Performance Note - The game may crash on devices with 1.5GB of RAM or less. Got lag or crashes? Try turning off "Beautify" and lower Texture Quality in the in-game settings. Windows version available on the EO website: https://nullreferencegames.com/exoplanets-online/ Have Fun!


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