Doll Pajama Dress up Games
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  •         It's summer vacation and one of the most funniest thing that you can do is a big pajama party. Imagine how your favorite doll will look if you will dress her in...


Doll Pajama Dress up Games

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It's summer vacation and one of the [详情]

It's summer vacation and one of the most funniest thing that you can do is a big pajama party. Imagine how your favorite doll will look if you will dress her in some cute pajamas. For this reason we invite you to try our collection with doll games and the first one is called Doll Pajama Dress up games, where each little girl can start a fabulous pajama party, with tons of pajamas, colorful hairstyles and beauty treatments. In this kind of doll dress up games we give you a lot of option for you to choose from, starting with the hairstyle of your doll, pretty pajamas and many accessories. First step in this genre of doll games will be in our virtual makeup salon, where you will find a lot of cosmetics and soft creams for skin care and beauty treatments. Use all these stuff that you have and see how can you change a pretty doll in a real princess, ready for the next level : the makeup part. The second step is like in all makeup games and there only imagination is the limit, because in our doll makeup games you have a lot of options. Choose red, blue, green, yellow or purple eyeshadows and match them with the color of lipstick. You will see that your favorite doll will look beautiful and now you can pass to the next part of our doll games, in a big fashion studio. Your friends will come soon and you need to dress up your doll like in all our pajama dress up games . First of all you can try - as you already know from other doll games - a beautiful hairstyle that will complete your fashion doll look. And this is not all : you can even paint your favorite hairstyle, with one or more colors. The slumber party starts with a multitude of pajama shirts to choose from. And this is just the begin ! Do not forget to add some cute slippers and decorate the room with colorful toys because there cannot be a real pajama party without toys ! Doll Pajama Dress up games features: - a lot of of cosmetics for doll makeup games - skin care creams, colorful makeup and lipstick and more tools in a big makeup salon - beautiful hairstyle to choose from, like in other doll games - lots of pajama for doll dress up games - a closet full of slippers - colorful bathrobes to keep your doll warm - tons of toys to decorate your room and bed There are so many unique combination that you can create in our doll pj party games each time you play it. Hope you enjoyed playing our doll dress up games and please write in your comment your opinion about it.


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