Danger Police Car Drivers
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  •         Play Car Racing game from the store of the hit apps, Danger Police Car Drivers Drive through the impossible tracks to dodge the police cars and don’t get buste...


Danger Police Car Drivers

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Play Car Racing game from the store of the hit apps, Danger Police Car Drivers Drive through the impossible tracks to dodge the police cars and don’t get busted since you are a wanted criminal! Complete hundreds of thrilling levels and unlock multiple vehicles. Race through the twisty, crossy and smashy tracks or select different surprising roads to test your escape plan! Drive fast and avoid obstacles to beat the police cars, the swat vehicles, the army jeeps and the fury tanks! Can you escape from police? Can you complete every crossy road mission? Start driving the amazing cars and smash the road to beat your friends’ high scores in the online leaderboards! Escape chase from hot pursuit police cars after committing lethal crimes! Drive recklessly to escape police chasing car in spectacular city by driving exotic cars. Don’t get busted by cops and play racing car be careful of police cars to to outrun law enforcement. Undergo deathly clash, chaotic barriers and other killer hurdles on smashy tracks to escape from police cars. Keep a certain distance from police cars and escape from all the police cars by driving all the way to safe house. If you get caught by police car racer, you will be dead or imprisoned for life so drive with the amazing intension to escape and run for life! How To Play Danger Police Car Drivers : - Tap !!! to avoid a collision. - Do not crash into other cars. - Star Shild protect you from one crush - Snow shild slows down this madness - plus 1 coin... always a pleasure - Free to play and easy to use Welcome to the crime city of great racers. Car driving missions are turned twisted and hazardous in this big city environment. Execute smashy driving skills in this crossy roads driving game. Intriguing driving missions need guts to perform all the tricks and stunts to escape from the police car chase. Drive through breathtaking environments and obstacles to escape from police cars. Don’t get caught and complete gangster escape missions from police car chase. Escape from police car racer by safe driving in this cops vs. robbers game. Outrun the cops in police moto game and tackle multiple motor vehicles to take over big city. Rise the top of criminal piles in crazy police car escape plan game by driving auto cars, evading cops after bank robbery, racing through destructive obstacles and dangerous roads! Start engine and speed up to run away while driving recklessly for prison escaping in police vs robbers game. Rile up the engine and hit the nitro boost to race in police escape driving game. Become the real wanted criminal and get prison escaped with the fast and pacy cars from police car chase. Speed away from crime patrol squad in the latest car escape game and become an international wanted criminal. Upgrade your Car Racing so that they can move faster on all races. you can play at anywhere. This game is free to play, but it has ads and some item in game need to buy. Racing powerup to crash and smash any cars speed racer is a very fantastic fun car racing game where you can experience the thrill of handling different car speeding. Danger Police Car Drivers Game Features: - Multiple thrilling police car chase missions - Amazing car racing roads and smashy tracks - Multiple vehicles add up the thrill in this chasing game - Smooth controls and amazing gameplay - Really tricky road maps with different surprising obstacles - Cool HD graphics and stunning environments And now don't wait, this is really a special racing game, Download Danger Police Car Drivers - One of the Racing game, race game for free, Play to fulfill your mania ! Get it now from Google Play and join the Car Racing, It’s fun and entertaining! Enjoy playing the game and don’t forget to rate us!


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