Animal Sniper Hunting Expert Multilevel Shooting
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  •         Animal sniper hunting expert multilevel shooting is an action game where you will get a chance to enjoy real shooting and hunting. You have to drive your jeep o...


Animal Sniper Hunting Expert Multilevel Shooting

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Animal sniper hunting expert multil [详情]

Animal sniper hunting expert multilevel shooting is an action game where you will get a chance to enjoy real shooting and hunting. You have to drive your jeep offroad and hunt wild animals with your sniper gun in a specific time. There are different targets in this new extreme hunting and shooting game which you have to hunt. Your target will be different wild animals for example gorilla, tiger, leopard, hyena, and deer who will be roaming and gazing around so search them and hunt them on the spot. This thrilling animal hunting game gives you the best experience of sniper and hunter skills. If you are a real hunter don’t miss a single shot. This best offline sniper shooting game has the beautiful realistic environment and amazing graphics, especially the realistic sound effects of animals gives the feeling of really hunting the animals. Play this animal hunter 3D game with the exciting experience of driving a jeep on an offroad jungle like the area and find a realistic animated animal to hunt in this sniper shooting game. It is an action-packed hunting simulator game where you have to show your hunting, as well as snipers, skill to complete the levels and hunt the animals. It’s a multilevel game with different challenging missions. To get higher scores you have to hunt the animal as soon as possible. Be careful and don’t underestimate the power of wild animals. The amazing Animal Hunting Sniper Shooter 2018 gives the real experience of jungle animal hunter. This cool game is absolutely free so quickly download it now. How to play: Start the level, you will be in a jungle-like area where you can see some houses around. You will be in your jeep and on a side you will see a map to your destination so follow your map, when you reached your location you will see a wild animal in front of you so quickly load your gun. Don’t approach your target too closely. Aim at the animal’s head and shot. Some animals will not be hunt easily so quickly load your gun again after the first shot. The difficulty level of the game will increase with the levels. In higher levels, you have to hunt more than one animal. And if you kill any other animal other than your target the level will be failed. You have to be very careful and quick in this hunting mission because there is time on each level and you have to finish the level on time to accomplish it. This is the best game for those who love hunting. So enjoy your adventure as a real hunter. Animal sniper hunting expert multilevel shooting key features: Amazing immersive 3D graphics and camera angle Beautiful scenery Easy and user-friendly game and gun controls Realistic animals to hunt Driving off-road on a luxury jeep A dangerous environment with the large variety of wild animals Real stunning sound effects Shoot from a vantage point Real-time shooting 8 exciting and challenging hunting missions Hunting maps If you like Animal Sniper hunting expert multilevel shooting, then try our other games as well by clicking “More from Developer” or check out our publisher’s account.


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